Thank you to everyone who completed the Town Council sustainability survey in December, which was compiled by the Sustainable Working Group.

We received over 550 responses to the survey and it is clear from a quick review that the top five priorities selected were ...
• Reducing single use plastic (Waste) •  Improve cycling and walking infrastructure (Mobility and active travel) • More re-wilding (Biodiversity) • Reduce traffic in the town (Mobility and active travel) • Tree planting (Biodiversity).

The survey will help us to focus on priorities that matter to our community and we would like to keep in touch with you as we progress initiatives.  Click here for full report 

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Devizes has a number of long established international twinning and friendship links with towns across the world. Twinning in the modern sense began after World War II when there was a conscious effort by national and local governments to take steps to heal the wounds, and aim for a more peaceful world. In all forms of Twinning there is the aim of international co-operation and understanding.

Please find attached a report of the 2013 Twinning Exchange in Mayenne, click here

french flag Mayenne (France) & German Flag Waiblingen (Germany)

This three way twinning link The link stretches back to the early 1960s when the initial link was established between Mayenne and Waiblingen.
Mayenne is situated in the Western Loire, approximately 130 miles south of Cherbourg. Mayenne has approximately 15,000 residents. For more information about Mayenne, please click here:
Waiblingen is situated near Stuttgart and to the east of the Black Forest region. Waiblingen is larger than Mayenne and Devizes, with a population of over 50,000. For more information about Waiblingen please click here:
For more information on the history of this twinning link, please click here
For the Devizes and District Twinning Associations web pages click here

These twinning links are managed by the Devizes and District Twinning Association. Chairman Jasper Selwyn: 01380 728565 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Finnish Flag Tornio, Finland

Tornio is the capital of Finnish Lapland, located at the top of the gulf of Bothnia. It is an extraordinary landscape of great contrast – long days of summer and very long nights of winter. More information about Tornio can be found at

This twinning link is managed through the Devizes-Tornio Twinning Association. Contact Ray Roberts, secretary: 01380 722706 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
new zealand flag Oamaru, New Zealand

Although a twinning link, the relationship with Oamaru is not a very active one due to the distances involved. However, the friendship between the towns is a warm one based on emails and mutual letters of introduction when people of our towns visit each others.

Oamaru and the Waitaki region are very beautiful areas of New Zealand's south island. For more information please click here: