Following the decision by Wiltshire Council earlier in the year to require a mixed use of the Market Place with about 50% parking and 50% community space, the Town Council set up focus groups to help it shape how the area may look.

The groups we set up came with the following interests:

         Retailers & local businesses

         Tourism & Event providers

         Conservation Groups

         Local Wiltshire Councillors

         Members of the community

The groups have now met and the discussions have informed and shaped the two Market Place master plan concepts which we are now inviting comments on.

A summary of comments made at the meeting can be down viewed by clicking the appropriate link.

For a summary of individual Focus groups ... Click Here

For a summary of option 1 follow up focus group discussion... Click Here

For a summary of option 2 follow up focus group discussion Click Here


Devizes is a lively place, with many events throughout the year. A regular list of community events will appear here on a regular basis...