Towns Trust Committee

The Town Council has since 1974 administered two trusts, one established in the 18th century and another an amalgamation of trusts from

the 20th century: the Bear Club Foundation (Charity of James Maynard) and the Frank and George Simpson and Dr Raby Trust Fund.

The Bear Club Foundation is an educational trust available to young persons under 25 years who live in the County of Wiltshire

with a  preference for those resident within the parish boundaries of Devizes.

The Frank & George Simpson and Dr Raby Trust was established to benefit the poor of the borough.

Whilst grants are modest in nature they may provide applicants with the help they need just at the right time.

Applications are considered by a committee of seven members including three Town Councillors.

Application forms may be requested from Richard Hopkins at Devizes Town Hall or by email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.